Movie Review



 The Stats  

Red Riding Hood is approximately 100 minutes long. The rating is PG-13. The director is Catherine Hardwicke. The writer is David Johnson. There are the main stars they are Amanda Seyfried, Lukas Haas, and Gary oldman.


The Summary          

                                 This is  a very interesting movie. The storyline is that their is a big bad wolf just like little red riding hood. She walks to her grandmothers house almost everyday. This story puts a confusing twist on the original little red riding hood though. Everyone in the town has peeace with the wolf up until Valerie’s (Amanda Seyfried) sister dies. The peace with the wolf has now been broken although they’re not sure if it was suicide because to everyone that is just unthinkable they procede to go and break peace further with wolf. Their plan is to kill the wolf. When the wolf comes to town again Valerie realizes that she can hear the wolf it tries to trick her into thinking it someone that it’s not. Will she go with the wolf to protect her family? Or will she see beyond his lies?


                                  Overall this was a great movie. The wondering of who the actual wolf is makes it very intense. Throughtout the movie there are some scary parts, and some other parts are a little grusome which I think they could have avoided. Such asthe part where the man gets stabbed.  It was an action/horror/drama movie it had a little of everything.

                         What I really loved about this movie was sthe thrill and excitment of not knowing what would happen next. This movie has great suspense throughout the whole movie. At the end all you can think is there has to be more. It leaves your ming wondering about all the possibilties. it is a very amazing movie.

                      The best part of it all is when the grandma is suspected to be the wolf. Of course only Valerie thinks this. Afterall she is the one who has the dream. When she’s walking to her grandma’s house the intesity is wild. To the point where you’re shaking but you also just want to get it over with so you know what’s going to happen. I would give this movie a thumbs up and rate it 5 star.

Final Thoughts

                                 I truthfully believe that this is one of the best movies I have seen. With the mix of characters and different conclusions it keeps you on your toes throughout the whole movie.